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September 15, 2016

Thanks folks for a great morning on the water and a big thanks for catching fish. Let’s go do it again.

Trout and Redfish

September 14, 2016

Another great day on the water with 2 guys from Louisiana and a young lady from Bay City area. Sorry guys but she will put the fish in the box. Thanks folks for a great time and can’t wait to do it again


September 11, 2016

A great day with 3 folks from Iowa who have never been bay fishing or saltwater fishing before. Thanks folks and a Big Thanks to the young lady who chased the 28” red around the boat 3 times, you did a great job.

Trout and Redfish

September 10, 2016

People always ask do I fish on my days off, well yesterday I took a couple of friends and we went fishing on my day off. Luck was on our side we had our limit of trout by 9:45, and they didn’t want to mess with reds so we headed home. Thanks guys for a great morning and let’s do it again soon


September 9, 2016

What  a day! Had the pleasure to fish 3 guys from Giddens area today and they did a great job of catching fish. We got our trout and decided to go look for some reds, eased in and set up on a big sand hole, and while we are waiting a school of reds swim between us and sand hole and then it all started. Watching the school swim off and then all lines went down at the same time, 4 fish on, soon one spits the hook and now we are scrambling and running around the boat keeping the lines uncrossed, these guy say they haven’t done it before, but they did a great job of keep them untangled and getting them to the boat. 3 nice tagged reds 29+ to 32. We spent the next hour watching small schools of reds swim by, they were all over sized and out of tags so we just watched, this being their  first time to see schooling reds like this. Thanks guys for the great day and look forward to doing it again.

Redfish Trout and Redfish

September 5, 2016

While some of you were watching ball games and BBQing, I was busy baiting hooks and boxing fish while the family was catching. Thanks folks for a great day and especially for bring down the kid’s. Looking forward to doing it again soon ( I know football and hunting are going to get in the way), but soon.


September 4, 2016

Another great group of folks and and we all had a good time on the water. Thanks folks and let’s do it again soon.

Redfish and Trout

September 3, 2016

What do you give your 75 year old dad for his birthday, take him fishing!

Had a great time today with the son from Fort Worth and his dad on his birthday trip.  Dad caught the big red and the son got his largest trout to date today. Thanks guys for a great day and look forward to doing it again soon.

Redfish and Trout Redfish and Trout

2 day – 2 doe archery hunt October only

This is a 2 day, 2 person hunt, food and lodging included.  All blinds are ready,as well as feeders, (both corn and protein have been feed year round for several years). Success was really good last year and things look better for the deer with all the rains this year. I have a few openings for this hunt, $600 per hunter 361-438-1866 before 7 pm Hunting the Fannin area, between Victoria and Goliad.


August 27, 2016

It was a tough but a great day to have 3 guys from San Antonio and one of their son’s. The son caught his first trout today and caught some keepers to help the box. Thanks guys for a great day and hopefully we can do it again soon.

Redfish and Trout Sunrise on the water