Captain Mike’s Blog

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Windy (gust 35-40 mph) and cloudy, Lots of small reds (rat reds), but we mamaged to scrap up a few keeper.
Fishing was tough due to wind and dirty water conditions. Too ruff and water to dirty to trout fish, so we stayed on the flats.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wind, wind, and more wind. But this group of ladies toughed it out and managed a few keeper reds. We caught several rats, too much wind to fish the outsides for trout, so we stayed on the flats and redfished. Great ladies from Fredricksburg and hope they had as much fun as I did with them.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Got to spend the day with a customer from Iowa and his son also from Iowa and a friend from Chicago, but all they wanted to do was catch and release big fish. We had done this before and so we headed out at day break for a spot that had been producing a few oversized reds and drum along with keeper trout, when we break out of the island the bay is rolling at 2-3 feet with lots of white caps, this won’t work, can’t fish this rough water, so we went to plan B. Made a few stops along the ship channel but the current was coming in too hard, so we moved on and on, got a few fish here and there but not of any size. About noon the wind starts to lay and we head out again, the bay had layed down and we got lucky, the trout bite was still on till about 2:30. We ended up with lots of trout and a 40” black drum to top off the day. The guys had a great time and are planning their next trip down.
Capt. Mike

Saturday, May 1, 2010

You never know what to expect fishing. Had 2 great guys, first stop was showing one of them how to use a spinning rod, turned around to bait the other rod and bam he is hooked up to a nice trout on his first cast.
Great Day on the water! About 5 minutes later we get another keeper. I am thinking great right place, right time, customers will be happy. It was 5 hours later we catch the 3rd keeper, had dinks and trash fish to keep us entertained but not what I wanted to happen for them. I always want to see people get to catch keeper fish, but the fish gods sometimes don’t get on the same page with us. We had a great time and shared lots of daily interest with them ( dolphins, dog fish, robin fish, cabbage heads, etc).
Looking forward to having them back again.
Capt. Mike