Captain Mike’s Blog

Saturday, May 1, 2010

You never know what to expect fishing. Had 2 great guys, first stop was showing one of them how to use a spinning rod, turned around to bait the other rod and bam he is hooked up to a nice trout on his first cast.
Great Day on the water! About 5 minutes later we get another keeper. I am thinking great right place, right time, customers will be happy. It was 5 hours later we catch the 3rd keeper, had dinks and trash fish to keep us entertained but not what I wanted to happen for them. I always want to see people get to catch keeper fish, but the fish gods sometimes don’t get on the same page with us. We had a great time and shared lots of daily interest with them ( dolphins, dog fish, robin fish, cabbage heads, etc).
Looking forward to having them back again.
Capt. Mike