Captain Mike’s Blog

Tuesday July 22, 2010

Here are some nice trout and a redfish we caught early morning trip. We had lots of small (dink) ttout to keep us busy. It was great to have some of the kids here for a few days.

Friday July 16, 2010

Water normal, light winds out of south, partly cloudy, fishing had been tough but today was our lucky day.
3 stops and we had 5 keeper reds, released 13 undersized, and we back at dock by 10 am. Great people and thank the fish gods for a great day.

Thursday July 16, 2010

The water is back to normal, down about 2′ from Tuesday, windy and overcast. We fished the upper laguna madre for trout. Water clean, lots of bait, but most fish had lock jaw. We saw lots of trout at the boat or follow bait to the boat but wouldn’t take bait. We fished from Bird Island, King ranch shoreline, and boat hole, we managed to scrounge up a few trout, but we would have had our limit of fish we saw at boat if we could have caught 1/2 of them. Customers got to see lots of rays, etc, with clear water, but they understand you don’t always get to get a box of fish.

Sunday July 11, 2010

Nice day to be on the water, mostly cloudy and light breeze. I fished 2 ladies and a young man from San Antonio.
We caught trout and found a couple of keeper reds to keep us busy that morning. The young man’s Birthday is Tuesday, Happy Birthday and hope you and your mom have a great time visiting your sister.
Thanks folks for a good time and look to see you back again.

Saturday July 10, 2010

The weather was wonderful, light breeze, mostly cloudy, but the tide was still way high. We managed to keep some trout and had lots of undersized, but we couldn’t get a keeper redfish. We fished lots of areas most of what we could pick up were 19 inch reds, but just never got into keepers. We had a young man (9 years old) on his first saltwater trip and he caught the largest trout and skipjack of the day and he caught his first red, though it was only 19 1/2 inches, he was a happy fisherman. Great day guys and look to see you again soon.

Monday July 7, 2010

We managed to get another great day on the water in with out getting wet. Forecast was 80% chance of rain after 10 am, and about noon it clouded up and radar showed large red storms just off the coast. We thought we might get maybe 1 hour in before the rain, but it stayed offshore and we managed to get 4 keeper reds and a few undersized reds.
The morning trout bite was weak, we are still on high water from the storms (1 1/2 to 2 foot higher than normal), but the water color is improving and the fish we caught were good solid fish even the 14 1/2 inch trout. I had a great time and congratulations to Chris and Grandmother for their first keeper reds.

Wednesday July 1, 2010

Escaped another bad storm, we recieved about 1 1/2” of rain yesterday winds gusting to low 50 mph and moderate tide surge. Probably by Saturday the tide should go back down and the weather for the weekend looks good. Here are pictures of Hampton’s Landing about 7 am this morning, the water had gotten over the fromt of the dock at the bait stand during the night.

Tuesday June 29, 2010

We thought we could jump around the rain but about 9:30 or so the lighting started so we headed to the dock for a couple of hours until the storm and lighting blew thru.; I was fishing an old friend from De Leon, Texas and his son-in-law from Stephenville. The water was way out this morning amd the wind was blowing 20 + mph, a few guys had ventured out and caught some trout before the storm in a shelter area, so we ran over there and tried 4 sets but the thunder must have spooked the fish off. The clouds were beginning to build up again, so we ran back to the flat and closer to the dock in case we were chased off the water again. Our timing was just right, because as we pulled into the flats we located a nice size sand pocket before the wind clouded up the water, we caught several rat reds and a boat load of hardheads to keep us busy, and managed to get some keepers in the boat too. We got sprinked on but that was about the extent of the rain. I had a great time and great company and look forward to them coming back again.

Monday June 28, 2010

Summer is a great time to spend with families who enjoy spending time together. I had a dad and 2 sons from Portland, the oldest I have to brag on for passing his Eagle Scout review board the night before. Congratulations for this accomplishment. We had great weather, mostly cloudy, wind was 10 -15 mph, which made for an enjoyable day. We managed enough keeper fish for a few meals and had a great day. Thanks guys for making my day.

Saturday June 26, 2010

Another great day on the water with great people, Dad, son, and son’s friend from Houston and Dallas.
We caught lots of small fish and had fun on a beautiful day on the water, light breeze all day, sunny and warm. We had to work hard for the keeper redfish; the redfish didn’t want to bite until about 1 pm. and still had to catch undersized to get to the keeper. Looking forward to seeing them again.